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How to Navigate Burnout? Tarot Spread

a tarot spread to help navigate burnout

Ah the dreaded burnout! It's something I try to avoid at all costs, but somehow I ended up taking on too many commitments and not giving myself enough space for rest and relaxation. Sometimes I catch it early, but often it's not until I'm exhausted and resentful that I realise what's happened.

Through my spiritual journey, however, I'm learning that these situations keep coming round like a spiral to teach me something. And when I have the tools and awareness to understand why they happen, then I can make better decisions aligned with the person I'm meant to be.

So here's a spread to help you on how to navigate burnout!

  1. Where do I need to slow down?

  2. What needs aren't being addressed?

  3. How can I honour myself during this time?

  4. What is this period of time trying to show me?

  5. A message from spirit.

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