A tarot reader that helps you reclaim power over your decisions

Intuitive tarot
that makes
you feel good

I'm Jessica and I create a fun & joyful space to help you reclaim power over
your decision making abilities!

Tarot is essentially

A conversation witH

your intuition

When we struggle to make a decision or want to make a big change, it can be difficult to know which internal voice is our intuition and which is our fear.


This can leave us feeling stuck and overwhelmed, and where we second-guess our life choices.


Tarot is an independent body where we can ask big, open-ended questions and receive unbiased answers. The cards' intention is to reveal the truth with compassion.

As the cards can’t speak to us directly, they communicate through the images, telling a story about what’s happening in our internal world and how that is affecting our external world.

a tarot reader in Sheffield reading her tarot cards

the world isn't

a tarot reader in Sheffield interpreting her tarot cards

predictable and

tarot isn’t either



To me, this is unethical, as it takes power away from you and your decision-making abilities. Especially as there is never any certainty in life and there will always be circumstances beyond our control.

What tarot does teach us is how to manage our fears and anxieties as we navigate the chaos of life. As we work with the cards, we learn how to grow and flourish alongside our insecurities.


And most beautifully, we find ways to trust in our decisions and internal guidance, letting go of our need to control the outcome.

a tarot reader in Sheffield providing clarity through tarot cards

Clarity and

inspiration for your

next big step

My intention for you is to come away from my readings with clarity on your situation. I aim to leave you feeling inspired to take that next step of your journey with confidence.

I also bring my passion for tarot and playful self to my readings, so you will leave my readings feeling uplifted and joyful.

I feel so much clearer and confident on my path and your words and reading allowed me to relax and just go with the flow and trust my decisions. I went for an evening full moon walk and it felt like all my anxieties and worries had faded away and I was open to what was unfolding.


Your wisdom really got to the root of everything I was questioning, and you had a deep knowing and uplifting buoyant energy that was infectious! 

- Charlotte

This experience has been transformational, enabling me to look at my life from a completely new perspective and identify obstacles that were blocking me both personally and professionally. Since receiving the reading, I have gained clarity, confidence and a clear way forward. I finally feel un-stuck! 
Jess creates a wonderfully warm safe space, and reads with integrity and focus. She takes the time to really guide you through the cards - their meaning and her interpretation. I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

- Letty

I felt lighter and noticed a clearer sense of direction following my tarot reading by Jessica. I really appreciated her approach because she helped me to relax at the beginning, guided me through the meanings of the cards, and gave me the opportunity to make my own personal connections with the meanings as well.


Since my first session, I've been feeling more relaxed and inspired, which was exactly what I was looking for when I booked the reading. I felt that it was a safe environment to open up, and Jessica is a really warm and friendly person who brings a positive presence to her work.

- Sarah

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