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I’m Jessica, a tarot reader and illustrator based in Sheffield. 


I always knew I was put on this earth to help people, and this journey started with human rights and charity work. I spent a few years travelling and working in NGOs, but I found myself disheartened at the reality that I was often doing more harm than good. 


I discovered oracle and tarot cards through friends, and I instantly fell in love. Personal development is incredibly important to me, and I found tarot to be an amazing tool to see where I was stuck and how I could move through it. I also find that reading my cards feels like there is someone always looking out for me, wanting me to do my best. 


I make the most impact in the world with tarot, as it allows me to help people on an individual level, where I can see them grow and flourish in real-time. I love the mystical and magical in tarot, especially those wonderful coincidences that remind me that we’re part of something greater.


My illustration work transforms the dull and ordinary into something engaging and extraordinary, which makes the world a brighter and more colourful place. My style is minimal and whimsical, and I enjoy creating posters, infographics, booklets, and creative logos, as well as creating custom commissions. To see my portfolio, click here. 


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