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Helping people trust in their decisions and find clarity in times of uncertainty. 

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With Patterns & Synchronicities, I'm committed to giving you guidance that inspires you to keep building the life you deserve. 

As someone who has struggled with their fair share of mental health issues, tarot has given me a light in dark situations.

The teachings of the cards have allowed me to understand myself from different perspectives and to feel more at peace in the world. The cards help me relinquish control over the outcome of my actions and to trust in the unknown.

Tarot has enabled me to listen to my intuition, understand what it is trying to tell me and trust in the decisions I make.

And I wish to gift this to others

how do I deal with uncertainty of life or how can I manage my emotions or how can I deal with my mental health or a tarot reader in Sheffield who gives online and in person tarot readings


I'm Jessica, tarot reader and founder of Patterns & Synchronicities

I’ve always known that I wanted to help people with my work, and I started my journey working in Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and charities. 

But after working abroad, I quickly became disillusioned with how these organisations operate, especially how they continue to keep people in poverty. I saw firsthand how projects that were supposedly empowering people were fuelling the capitalist machine, and how everyone seemed to be ok with this. 


I still wanted to help people, so I used my skills as a graphic designer to work for causes I cared about. But I found that a lot of my work still centred around making numbers look good, instead of actually helping people on an individual level.

And then I found tarot...

I fell in love with tarot a few years ago after I started working regularly with oracle cards. It wasn't an instant love match, as I was instantly overwhelmed at the thought of memorising all the meanings of the cards!

However, it was when I started to get curious that I truly fell in love with tarot. I asked questions like “why is the element of air represented by a sword? and what does that have to do with the mind?” I also found myself diving into rabbit holes, trying to uncover all the secrets of the tarot!

In November 2020, I hosted online Tea & Tarot events, where I gave group readings for people. This was the first time I felt truly energised by my work and that I was actually helping the people I was reading for. 

So in March 2021, I started up Patterns & Synchronicities, which is an ode to what I love about tarot. I love how tarot reveals the patterns of our actions and shows us how we keep getting stuck in situations that make us feel small. I'm excited by how the cards communicate through symbols, especially when that image is repeated throughout a spread. And  I love the synchronicities that occur when we start reading regularly for ourselves, especially when a card keeps showing up for us.  

a tarot reader in Sheffield delivering online and in person tarot readings and how can I deal with the uncertainty of life or how can I make a decision or how can I manage my wellbeing

Tarot has given me the opportunity to help people on an individual level to become the best version of themselves. And for this, I am so grateful.

On a personal note...

how can I manage my emotions or how can I deal with my mental health or how can I make a decision or tarot reader in Sheffield delivering online and in person tarot readings

I moved to Sheffield a couple of years ago so I could easily go out into the Peak District. I love climbing hills for a good view, but nothing can beat a great forest walk! My favourite place in the Peaks is Wyming Brook, as it is truly magical up there.


I’ve also been dipping my toe into wild swimming (excuse the pun), and am hoping to build up my confidence to swim in the winter. I enjoy doing exercise that gets me into my body, especially bouldering, yoga and ecstatic dance.  


I love reading, especially magical fantasy, space sci-fi, sci-fi and modern fiction. I also read a lot of non-fiction, and am particularly interested in how trauma affects the body and the brain.


I’m an avid writer, especially poetry and short stories. I’ve recently picked up the clarinet and am really enjoying the process of playing for fun. I also love doing jigsaw puzzles, embroidery and knitting. 


I’m both a cat and a dog person, and will try and pet any animal that looks friendly! I’m always trying to pet the stray cats on my street. 

tarot reader in Sheffield giving online and in person tarot readings helping you manage uncertainty of life

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