My workshops and webinars are for those that want to dig deeper into the symbolism of tarot and aren’t satisfied with just knowing the meanings of the cards. They are also for those who are looking to create a deeper connection with their intuition through tarot and who want to get to know their deck in greater detail.

My webinars are deep dives into the symbolism of tarot, looking at the core concepts and lessons hidden within the cards. These webinars are a chance to learn about tarot in a fun and exciting environment!

My workshops are interactive, with space to share your findings with the group and prompts to help you dig deeper into your cards. My aim is for you to leave the workshop feeling confident in your ability to read spreads authentically and for you to have a greater grasp of the symbolism present in the cards.


My workshops and webinars are suitable for beginners, those who feel they’ve plateaued in their readings and those who want to deepen their connection to their cards.


My workshops and webinars aren’t for those that just want to know the meanings without any further investigation or are looking for a quick way to learn all 78 cards.


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