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Grounded guidance to help you navigate your life with confidence

Intuitive tarot reading that leaves you feeling inspired and clear on your next step

I'm feeling unsure about a decision looking for a tarot reader in Sheffield who gives online and in person tarot readings

Does this sound familiar?

You're at a crossroads and you're trying to make a decision, but you can't stop second guessing yourself. 

All you want to do is make the right   decision, but you keep worrying about all the potential outcomes, which is keeping you in decision paralysis. 

Or, you find yourself stuck in situations that make you feel small and lost, and you're looking for a way forward that's aligned with who you really are.

You're sick of listening to all the "shoulds" of who people want you to be, and want to start forging your own path.

help me make a decision with a tarot reader in Sheffield who gives online and in person tarot readings

Tarot gives you an opportunity to have a grounded conversation with your intuition.

Through the cards, you will see how your mind, emotions and internal world are affecting your life from a non-judgemental standpoint.

The cards reveal the truth of your situation, as well as the authentic self that exists inside you.

You will also gain an insight into how to connect to your true self, and guidance on navigating your path for the future. 

As a reader, I convey the wisdom of the cards in a clear and joyful manner, so you leave your reading energised and excited for your next step.

intuitive tarot readings in Sheffield with a tarot reader who does in person and online tarot readings
My intuitive tarot readings are for you if...
  • You are curious about what's happening in your ​internal world and want to make a change in your life.

  • You want to understand yourself on a deeper level.

  • You are looking for ways to connect to yourself in a grounded and practical way.

  • You're open to the spiritual and perhaps haven't explored that side of yourself yet.

My intuitive tarot readings may not be for you if...
  • You want an easy answer and aren't willing to look at yourself on a deeper level.

  • You aren't open to spirituality at all and are very dismissive of it.

  • You want me to predict your future or tell you when you're going to meet your soul mate.

Ready for some clarity?

I want some clarity on my life with a tarot reader in Sheffield who delivers online and in person tarot readings

30-minute reading


60-minute reading Online


In-person reading


What to expect

I need helping making a decision with a tarot reader in Sheffield delivering online tarot readings


Click the link below to 
book in your reading

an intuitive tarot reader in Sheffield delivering online and in person tarot readings


Fill out the form with an issue you want to explore during our session. We'll have space to discuss questions if you're not sure what you want to ask

an online tarot reader in Sheffield who gives tarot readings in person and helps what to do if feeling overwhelmed


Show up to your reading
with an open heart
and mind

what do I do if I'm feeling overwhelmed a tarot reader in Sheffield delivering online and in person tarot readings


Leave your reading feeling inspired and excited about what's ahead for you!

What other people have said

- Sarah-Jane

This your sign to book in with Jess - you won’t regret it!

Receiving a tarot and oracle reading from Jess is like watching a 4D movie where you’re the main character. She has a way of bringing the cards to life, narrating your story from a wise and mystical perspective; unearthing the sacred subliminal messages each step of the way. Jess read my cards in a way I’ve never experienced before and only deepened the connection I already had to tarot, and for that I am so grateful. 
Jess doesn’t just sit there and explain the cards, she invites you into them and prompts you to witness what’s happening, so she can shed some clarity and offer guidance that can only come from an objective facilitator.

- Rhi

Thank you so much!

I just want to say a huge thank you again for yesterday's reading - it was so deep and meaningful and so very accurate! I’ve been thinking on it a lot and trying to put plans and space into place so I can retreat to the cave - more to come I’m sure.

- Natalie

Thank you again!

I just need to say thank you so much for today, the reading was absolutely amazing and resonated so much. I’m excited to listen to it and journal what comes up next. 

You’ve really inspired me with how you approached the reading and it was so moving. 

- Suzanne

Thanks so much for a resonant reading!

So much of it so very resonant, affirming and challenging. Part of what made the reading so enjoyable is your clear love and passion for tarot - it was lovely to witness.

a tarot reader in Sheffield giving intuitive tarot readings in person and online

Questions you may have

Do you do any readings in person?

Yes I do! I have a space at Airy Fairy in Sheffield on London Road on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

I currently do one-hour readings from the space at £55. If you're interested, you can book here or email jessica@patternsandsync to book your space.

Do I need to prepare anything for my reading?

No! Just make sure you're sitting somewhere you won't be disturbed for the duration of our reading and where you can be comfortable.

I also invite you to light some incense or a candle if that feels comfortable for you.

Do I need to do anything during my reading?

No, just show up as your wonderful self with an open heart and mind!

I'll send you a recording of our reading after our session so you can stay present and listen, instead of worrying about writing it all down.

Still have an unanswered question? You can send me an email at or fill out the form below, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Contact Me

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a tarot reader in Sheffield giving online and in person tarot readings on what to do if I'm feeling overwhelmed or what do I do if I'm struggling to make a decision or need clarity on my life
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