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How to Navigate Transitions - Tarot Spread

how to navigate challenges or a tarot spread for change or a tarot spread for difficult times

Transitions and change are an inevitable part of life, and it is so easy to fall into fear when they arise. Especially when it is thrust upon us, it can be hard to know which way we’re meant to go.

I know for myself that fear can cloud my judgement, and I want to desperately make the “perfect” choice so I can navigate out of my situation as quickly as possible. And when my decisions are guided by fear, they are impulsive and don’t have the best outcome.

In times of change, I can feel myself being guided to trust in the unknown. To relinquish my control over the outcome of future events and to focus instead on what is in my control. My small, everyday actions will take me one step closer to the person that I’m meant to be.

Tarot is a great tool to help us navigate these times, as we see what’s currently driving our actions and what steps we can take instead. It also helps ground us in the present moment, so we don’t spend too long ruminating on what will happen in the future, which gives us more power over our actions.

Here’s a spread to help you navigate the transitions of life:

  1. What is this transition taking me towards?

  2. What internal shifts are happening?

  3. Where do I need to ground myself?

  4. How can I flow with this change with more ease?

  5. How can I honour myself through this change?

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