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Imbolc Tarot Spread

what is the significance of imbolc or tarot spread for imbolc or how can I honour imbolc

Imbolc comes to greet us on the evening of Wednesday 1st February & Thursday 2nd February and is an ancient Celtic holiday celebrating the first signs of spring and the blossoming of new life. Imbolc is also represented by the fire goddess Brigid and can help us birth new ways of being into the world that are nurturing and supportive.

This is a wonderful time to clear out all the clutter and deadweight in your life so you can create space for the new growth coming your way. This is also a time to start to bring your inner hopes and dreams that you’ve been envisioning out into the world.

I've created this tarot spread to help honour this transition period of Imbolc and to help you dig deeper into your life as we move forwards into Spring and Summer.

Journal prompts to go deeper:

  1. During these months of introspection, what has been brewing inside you? What insights have been coming to you?

  2. What would you like to let go of that belongs to the winter cycle and won’t serve you in the spring and summer months?

  3. What projects and plans would you like to bring into the world over the next few months?

  4. What changes are occurring in your life right now that you’re noticing? Are any fears or insecurities peeking to the surface as you face this time of transition?

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