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A Spread for Resistance

What we resist persists.

Resistance shows up when fear starts to creep back in. We want to take that next step, but there’s something holding us back. Sometimes we can pinpoint it, but other times, the reason stays hidden in the darkness of our subconscious.

Resistance, in my experience, is the point before expansion. It’s the last hurdle before we can take that leap into the unknown. And if we take a moment to examine our resistance, we can gain a new perspective on our circumstances that allow us to take the next step with confidence.

I created this spread to shine a light on the parts of ourselves that keep us from achieving our dreams, and as a compass to navigate back to our best selves.

Take note of any reverse cards, as these will show you where you are blocking yourself from moving forward.


If card slinging is not for you or if you wish to go deeper, use the following journal prompts. I also invite you to free write at least one A4 page before you do these prompts to clear your proverbial deck!

  • Where am I holding myself back out of fear?

  • What does this fear look like day to day?

  • What is my fear trying to tell me?

  • What am I missing?

  • In what ways would my life change if I could combat this fear?

And, as always, you can send your spreads to me on Instagram @jessica_sync!

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