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I’m Seeing Lots of Angel Numbers, What Now?

So you’ve started seeing 11:11 constantly on your clock, and now each time you look at the time or have a series of numbers, they’re all repeating. You’ve been furiously typing “what does 11:11 mean” or “what is the symbolism of repeating numbers” into Google, but now you feel more confused. At this point, all you want to do is shout: “What are you trying to tell me, Universe!”

Firstly, you are at the beginning of an exciting journey! The long-term goal of understanding angel numbers is not to have a complete answer straight away. But rather to attune yourself to the language of the Universe, and lean into trust and patience, as you will often find yourself following hunches without knowing your end destination.

Each number pattern or symbol that repeats itself is unique to you. Most of the time, the numbers themselves aren’t a code for anything specific. Instead, it’s a call for you to pay attention, especially to the deeper magic hidden in the physical world and in our intuitive bodies.

The most important step to deciphering the clues is: opening up a dialogue with the Universe and your intuition. This way you can ask intentional questions, stay open to the guidance you receive and act on any wisdom.

Here are my tips for opening a dialogue with the Universe:

what does 11:11 mean or what is the symbolism of angel numbers

Opening up a dialogue starts with regular intentional meditation. Meditating not only quietens the mind, but it also allows you to tap into the inherent wisdom that lies inside your body.

Before you meditate, I recommend stating (either in your mind or out loud) the following: I receive wisdom on XX number/symbol for the highest good and highest healing of all. Using an intention like this to guide your meditations enables you to go deep into your query and receive any wisdom clearly. You can also allow your intuition to guide you towards an intention that feels right. Have a journal handy so you can jot down any insights.

I have found visualisations to be incredibly powerful, and my practice often involves meeting my guides or Higher Self (essentially your intuitive self that always wants the best for you) in a cottage in the woods. I’ll ask for guidance or wisdom, and allow myself to be led towards the answer. This practice has both deepened my connection to my inner world and enabled me to release my control over the outcome of a question or situation.

If you aren’t familiar with visualisations, don’t worry! Meet yourself where you’re at and start slow. I highly recommend Insight Timer, which is a free meditation app with loads of guided meditations. DavidJi and Sarah Blondin are wonderful teachers to get started with.

what is the symbolism of repeating numbers or what does 11:11 mean?

Showing appreciation and gratitude is incredibly powerful, especially for the mundane things in our lives. We expect magic to happen in some ethereal realm, but in reality, true transformation and magic happens in our physical world.

When we express our gratitude, we gain a deeper awareness of the beauty that surrounds us. We also start to pay attention to our environment, and this is where exciting synchronicities occur! Expressing gratitude doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can be grateful for the water in your tap, the light turning on or the food on your plate. Just remember: the more specific you are, the deeper the magic will be.

This practice is also important because sometimes when you see repeating numbers, the Universe is cheering you on because you are exactly where you need to be! Enjoy the moment, celebrate how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. The Universe doesn’t expect you to be working all the time.

what does 11:11 mean or what do angel numbers mean?

A way we can understand the Universe is through listening to the clues we receive. A great way to do this is through tarot and oracle cards. I know, I would say this, right? But the cards are a vessel through which our guides communicate with us and the imagery in the cards contains clues to steer us in the right direction. Reading cards also requires us to pay close attention to the symbolism hidden within the imagery, which helps us become more aware of signs in our external world.

Another way to listen is through your intuitive body. Something I’ve had fun playing around with is tuning into my belly when I see repeating numbers or symbols. Sometimes what I receive is a call to come to meditation or to walk in a certain direction, and other times I just hear a keyword or “listen” over and over again. Tapping into your intuitive body also creates a bond of trust with your inner wisdom, so you feel more confident following any clues or hunches you receive.

I hope that these tips help attune you to the rhythm of the Universe so you can process the signs that are sent your way. With time, you’ll feel when to pay attention, and through practice, you’ll understand what this message is and you’ll develop the confidence to take aligned action.

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