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A Simple Ritual to Honour Imbolc

Imbolc is the time between Winter and Spring, where we get an opportunity to sift through all that we want to release and make space for new ideas and ways of growing.

Although it can be tempting to want to leap up and do it all during this time, we’re actually moving into the liminal space between the darkness of winter and the lightness of spring. So this is a reminder to bring ease with you, and continue being gentle with yourself during this time.

This liminal space is a potent space of possibilities, where we’re really being invited to clear the deck and start stoking the fire of who we want to become. And with Brigid on our side, this is a great time to call on her to help nourish and nurture our flames of self as we start to tend to our dreams and help them blossom into the world.

I've created an easy ritual below to honour this time, and for you set yourself up for the upcoming warmer months.

  1. Go for a mindful walk outside. Notice how nature is presenting itself to you right now and how this is representative of this liminal space between winter and spring. What parts of nature are starting to poke through? What parts are still showing winter?

  2. If it’s warm enough, sit for a few moments with the stillness of nature and soak in the cool air around you, focusing on your breath.

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  1. Take these quiet moments back how with you, make yourself a warm drink and sit down somewhere calm with your notebook

    1. During these months of introspection, what has been brewing inside you? What insights have been coming to you?

    2. What would you like to let go of that belongs to the winter cycle and won’t serve you in the spring and summer months?

    3. What new beginnings are you being called towards?

    4. What projects and plans would you like to bring into the world over the next few months?

    5. What changes are occurring in your life right now that you’re noticing? Are any fears or insecurities peaking to the surface as you face this time of transition?

  2. On a separate piece of paper, write what you want to let go of from the second journal question. Start each sentence with “I banish” or “I release”. Fold the paper away from you three times saying thank you each time you fold. Now it’s time to burn your paper, keeping your bowl of water closeby

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  1. As you watch your paper burn, bring to mind what you’re making space for instead. What new plans, habits, ways of being are you calling in instead? Let your imagination build a beautiful picture of what you want your Spring and Summer months to look like and feel the space opening up in your body. Let the excitement brew up inside you as you let the fire consume all you’re ready to let go of.

  2. Take action on something small to set that wheel in motion. Remember, it’s a time to ease your way out of winter, so perhaps it’s time to spring clean your desk, clear out your wardrobe, tick a task off your to-do list that’s been sitting on your mind or create that nourishing meal for yourself.

  3. Finally, take it easy! We're still in the depths of winter, so it's still important to honour the ease and comfort this time requires of us.

I've also created a tarot spread if you wish to go deeper into your ritual.

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