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Is Tarot Right for Me?

Are you curious about tarot but don’t know what to expect? Maybe you’ve heard about tarot and are intrigued to find out more? Or have you dabbled in tarot yourself and want to get a deeper understanding about the cards?

Well, you’re in the right place!

is tarot right for me or tarot readings in sheffield

Who is tarot for?

Tarot is for anyone who is interested in their personal development and growth, and is looking for something a bit different. It’s perfect for someone who is already spiritual (in whichever capacity), but it’s not essential. All that tarot asks is that you come open minded, even if you’re a little sceptical.

Some of my favourite people to read for have been those who are a bit cynical but curious and open. This may sound counter-intuitive, but I get such a clear reading from them because they are keen to learn, even if they’re a bit hesitant. I love watching the fascination on their faces as the cards reveal their inner world in a way they weren’t expecting, and when they realise I won’t be telling them when they’re going to die!

So what is tarot anyway?

My approach to tarot is helping you have a grounded conversation with your intuition. The cards put your inner world in context so you can see what’s happening in your life from different perspectives. Once you gain a deeper understanding of the forces at play, you then have the power to make decisions aligned with who you’re meant to be, not who you’ve been told you should be.

So how do I know tarot is for me?

The most important factor when deciding if tarot is right for you is whether you’re coming open minded without an expectation that it’s going to solve all your problems. The cards require a certain level of openness and curiosity to get a clear reading, and if you arrive closed off, you probably won’t get a good experience.

Also, if you’re solely looking for me to tell you what to do in plain answers, I’m not the right person either! I’m not a medium or a traditional psychic, so I won’t be able to tell you what’s going to happen in your future. However, what I can give you is a clear look at what’s happening currently in your life, as well as some pointers on where to go next.

If that sounds good to you, I currently do readings in-person at Airy Fairy in Sheffield on Thursdays and Fridays 1:30pm-5pm. I also do online readings for those further afield, as well as ad hoc festivals and markets. To stay informed on where I’ll be next, you can sign up to my newsletter below.

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