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Repeating Number Patterns

Do you ever get that moment where you look at your phone absent-mindedly and it’s 11:11? Or when you’re out walking, and you glance at a parking machine and it’s 16:11? Or when you walk past a house and the bins are lined up at number 22, and it’s “222222”? Or when you’re watching a TV show, and the house they walk up to is 1411? Or the price on your receipt comes to £15.11? And the time on the receipt is 13:11?

I see repeating number patterns all the time, and I’ve always wondered what they mean, and what they are trying to teach me.

When I first became aware of them, I would compulsively look up each one, desperately trying to figure out what messages the universe was trying to communicate. Especially when I was specifically asking for “a sign”. There was sometimes a nugget of wisdom, often that my thoughts were manifesting into my reality, and I should “think positive”. But most of the time I found myself, arms stretched up to the heavens, demanding the universe provide me with specific, definitive answers.

As expected, these answers never came. I decided to experiment, stop looking up each number pattern, and see what would happen. I started to notice more number patterns occurring, especially when I was having a good day. I even started to notice animal symbolism cropping up in the weirdest places, like the butterfly stickers on the restaurant sign outside my window.

Being present with the numbers allowed me to witness these synchronicities in all their beauty instead of being tied up in their meanings. Now I look forward to these weird happenings, and laugh to myself whenever I see my repeating number patterns. Which is a lot!

I have learnt that these numbers hold within them a nudge of encouragement, something to show us that we are going in the right direction and to keep going. Now, instead of rushing to look up each one, I embrace them for what they are. A cosmic giggle to show that I am a part of something greater, and that there is someone looking out for me, encouraging me to do my best.

I do still look up number patterns, but this is usually if I see the same combination multiple times in a day. Then, I’ll choose one link that I pick intuitively, taking the wisdom that I find to be exactly what I need to hear, and try to integrate that into my day to day life. I find it helps nudge me further along the path instead of getting bogged down in the details.

I’d love to know if you have any repeating number combinations following you around!

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