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Tarot Spread for Honouring Yourself

Sometimes we can be moving through our day, and something suddenly feels off. We start to feel anxious and soon, we sense that familiar spiral starting to creep up on us. It convinces us that it's our fault we feel bad, that we're a terrible person and nothing will ever be ok ever again.

And it can be hard to resist the allure of these thoughts, because at one point they were so familiar to us and kept us safe.

But now they are hindering our growth and our wellbeing. And it can be hard to focus on the present when the storm clouds start to gather.

This spread is for those heavy days when you want to keep moving forward, but you want to do so with compassion and kindness. And you want to honour the spikiness without getting ensnared in its web.

Because sometimes we can just circle the spiral, peering into the depths to glean what serves us and leave the rest behind.


If card slinging is not for you or if you wish to go deeper, use the following journal prompts.

  • What event triggered this spiral/thought pattern?

  • What emotions are coming up for me?

  • What are they trying to protect me from?

  • What event or experience can I trace these emotions back to?

  • How can I rewrite my internal narrative so I can react differently in future?

  • How can I put this into action?

For more spreads and tarot content, you can follow me on Instagram @jessica_sync!

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