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Tarot Spread - "What do I need to Know?"

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

tarot spread for wanting clarity on current situation or need to make a decision or tarot reader in Sheffield giving online tarot readings

Sometimes we're not sure of an exact question to ask our tarot cards, but we'd like a little bit of guidance. A nudge in the right direction or revealing aspects of our blind spots. This can help us when we start to feel overwhelmed by life or when we find ourselves starting to get stuck in situations that no longer serve us.

This spread is perfect for the start of the week when you want to use your cards to guide your weekly actions. Or when you're feeling a bit lost and want to channel some guidance.

Journal prompts to go deeper:

  • What feelings have been brought up by this spread?

  • Which fears are driving the show?

  • What are my feelings and fears trying to tell me? (i.e. what is the story beneath the fears & feelings)

  • What is a re-write of these fears that helps me on my journey?

  • How can I put these rewrites into action?

I give personalised tarot readings online, and you can book through the link below:

For more tarot content, you can follow me on Instagram @jessica_sync!

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