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A Spread for Transformation

Transformation and growth is a tricky path to navigate. We assume that our growth will be this graceful transition, where we miraculously wake up one day fully transformed into our best selves.

But in reality, the route to our best self is a lot more muddled. Sometimes we get so caught up in our fears that we start to lose sight of ourselves and our goals. Or old beliefs and patterns start to creep back into our minds.

Transformation is a process, one that requires us to be gentle and compassionate. Creating a beautiful garden takes patience and perseverance and this wisdom we can apply to grow our own garden of self.

I created this spread as a compass to navigate these difficult periods of transformation, especially in those dark moments when we need some guidance.

Take note of any reverse cards, as this is where you might be blocking yourself from moving forward.


If card slinging is not for you or if you wish to go deeper, use the following journal prompts. I also invite you to free write at least one A4 page before you do these prompts to clear your proverbial deck!

  • Get into the mind of your transformed self. What do they look like? How do they hold themselves? What do they eat? What music do they listen to? Get as specific as possible!

  • How will my life change once I have stepped into this person?

  • What thoughts/habits/patterns hold me back from becoming this person?

  • How will I be more authentically myself once I have worked through these blocks?

And as always, you can send your spreads to me on Instagram @jessica_sync!

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